June 6, 2013

A New Look At The Nexus Program

The Nexus program used to be only about the unique phones that ran stock Android. They were the only phones that ran it, and got updates the fastest. Then at Google I/O the "Google Edition" Samsung Galaxy S4 was announced, and the same for the HTC One was recently announced as well. Although these are not true Nexus devices (well, I personally do not consider them to be), they will be treated with a Nexus like experience.

"A Nexus like experience."

This means it gets updates directly from Google without delay from carriers or the manufacturer. It means you get the newest software. Google wants this, and is why they are making these "Google Edition" devices.

But what about those who have already invested in non-Nexus or Google Edition devices? Well, there's an app for that. Quite a few, actually. There are apps you can get directly from Google such as calendar and sound search that are the same experience you get on a Nexus device. Yesterday however, they introduced a new app- the Google Keyboard, and it is available for download now. It is the same keyboard from Nexus devices, available everywhere now. I see where this is going- Google realizes they can't do anything (yet) about the skin that is on your device, but they can give you all the apps they want.

So to end this with a prediction, expect more stock Android apps to arrive in the near future.