April 9, 2012

Despite Recent Publicity, 82% Of Consumers Love To Get Their Google On

via Marketing Land
It's popular to hate on the most successful player in town. Historically, this was Microsoft. Through the late 90's and early 2000's, the cool thing to do was to cry "monopoly" and call them evil. More recently, Apple and Google have come into the spotlight simply by delivering great products that people love to use.

As tech bloggers, we loved these companies when they were underdogs, fighting for scraps of market share. As publicly traded companies, they are now beholden to both consumers and shareholders. As such, they need to make decisions that make them money. Nothing wrong with that. But in the media, we love to vilify those who want to make a profit.

The question is, how much of this elitist tech-blogger hate actually spills over into the real world? The answer is: not much. So while we bloggers quibble over privacy concerns, corporate interests, cancelling side-projects, or the inexhaustible "good" vs "evil" debate, the consumers simply continue to use Google products. Fast, useful, free Google products. And they love them.

According to the new ABC News/Washington Post poll, 82% of people have a favorable opinion of Google. 53% have a strongly favorable opinion. This beats out both Facebook (58%) and Apple (74%). Only 9% had an unfavorable opinion of Google (presumably, all of them tech bloggers). 13% had unfavorable opinion of Apple and 28% had unfavorable opinion of Facebook.