April 10, 2012

Google Chrome Tabs Now Sync Across All Your Computers And (ICS) Tablets And Phones

Big surprise! Google is unifying its products and services! But seriously, this new update to Google Chrome is awesome. Now, if you are running Chrome BETA and you are signed in with your Google Account, any tabs you have open on one device can be accessed on all other devices. This includes all your desktop and laptop computers as well as any phone or tablet running Google Chrome BETA.

Unfortunately, today only phones and tablets running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) can use Chrome, so only a few mobile devices will have access to this feature.

On a positive note, Google Chrome is on a rapid-release cycle, and it takes roughly 6 weeks for one version to move from BETA to Stable. This means we may see this feature available to all of Chrome's 200 million users very soon.