April 9, 2012

"Project Glass" The Latest Revelation From Google X

Google is full of surprises. Last week, it showed the world that the company is still capable of amazing forward-looking technological innovation by releasing a video (embedded below) showcasing +Sergey Brin's latest pet project: augmented reality glasses.

Unimaginatively named +Project Glass is the physical manifestation of Google Goggles. These glasses have an embedded miniature display that shows users information about things they are looking at. For instance, you can look up at the sky and get instant weather information. You can look at a building and get the address or get historical information. You can snap a picture and quickly share it on Google+. The possibilities are infinite.

While Project Glass is still in experimental stages and may not make it to market for years, anyone can already test out the technology powering it by downloading Google Goggles to your phone by following the link in the previous paragraph.

Project Glass is another project from the Google X series of secret experiments headed by Sergey Brin. Google X has already revealed such technological wonders as self-driving cars. There are also rumors of a home entertainment system powered by Android. Who knows what Google X labs project will be revealed next. But if history is any indication, it will be mind-blowing.