May 15, 2012

Assign Permanent Home And Work Addresses In Google Maps

In a bit of soft news today, Google Maps now let you manually add permanent locations labeled "Home" and "Work" for easy access. Maps already remember your most frequently searched locations, but until now they've had no idea what's home and what's work. And when you move to a new place, it would take Google a while to figure out that this new address you keep searching for is actually important. Now, you can quickly ask Google Maps to give you directions to "home" and it'll produce a list of addresses that you've tagged "home." Your home and work locations will also have their own special pins on the map, making them easy to distinguish.

While this feature can already save you some time, what's really interesting is its potential for mobile devices. I imagine soon you'll be able to pick up your Android phone, tell it to take you home, and it'll know exactly what you mean.