May 19, 2012

Gmail Update Offers Compelling Reason To Upgrade To Google+

Another day, another round of Google+ integrations for the search titan. Gmail and Google+ shake hands yet again. This time, to bring better search to your inbox.

The smaller of the two enhancements is the ability to filter emails by circles. If you have a Google+ account and keep your contacts organized in groups (circles), you can just type "circle:[name of circle]" into your search box and see emails from just that group of friends.

The more notable improvement is a change to what happens when you search for a specific person. Once you search for a contact, you will immediately see their name, email, profile picture, phone number, and the most recent conversations you've had with that person. This not only gives you a pretty layout with a lot of information, but it also lets you call, email, chat, and even video conference with the person with one click.

With these updates users will begin to see real value to upgrading to Google+ and maintaining their Google Profile. If you and your friends have Google+ accounts, things like profile pictures and phone numbers will be updated automatically.

Without G+, these information boxes will look much less appealing. You would have to manually add everybody's phone numbers to your Google Contacts and individually upload profile pictures for every one of your friends and family members.

Maintaining a Google+ account will also ensure that your friends who use Gmail will see a handy little People Widget with your profile information and latest posts right next to any email you send them. To put it simply, if you use Gmail, upgrading to Google+ will make your and your friends' experience not only more social but more aesthetically pleasing.