May 10, 2012

Google+ Revamps iOS App, Promises Something Even Cooler For Android

Google announced yesterday, via a very colorful blog post, that they have redesigned the Google+ iPhone app from the ground up. The new design aims for greater visual appeal by introducing full-bleed photos, larger profile pics, and trippy scrolling effects.

This update comes as unexpectedly as did the recent redesign of the Google+ web page. It shows Google's newfound commitment to creating services that are not just simple and streamlined but are actually nice to look at.

Google+ 2.0 for iPhone also features a fresh take on the home screen, a new set of fonts, and a more prominent "floating" +1 button.

But the really intriguing part of the blog post is a little tease at the end that reads, "and the Android update is coming in a few weeks (with a few extra surprises)."

It's unusual that Google would release an update for a competing platform before their own. I hope that means they have some worthwhile additions in store for all the dudes and dames loyal to the Google ecosystem. After all, many people choose to experience their digital life specifically through Google services because they expect to be rewarded for sticking with one company.