July 29, 2012

Could This Be The Turnaround For Google TV?

Google TV has been ignored by consumers (less than 1 million sold in first year) and abandoned by its early partner Logitech. But Vizio isn't leaving the platform any time soon. They just reported on their official Google+ page that they've sold out of their Co-Star Google TV boxes in the first 12 hours.

Let's put this in some perspective. That doesn't mean they sold a huge amount. They saw how poorly Google TV did in its first round. They likely hedged their bets and made a smaller batch. But it does mean they severely underestimated people's interest in the platform. Where this renewed interest suddenly came from is a mystery to me. Maybe with the successful launch of the Nexus 7 people are more comfortable with the idea of buying Google-branded hardware. Whatever the case, enough people want to own a Google TV to seriously upset the expectations of a company that's been selling electronics for many many years.