May 26, 2012

Android-Chrome Unification Is Coming: webOS Developers Join Google

WebOS has really been put through the paces. First, Palm (company behind webOS) was acquired by HP. Then it was shut down. Then it was revived again. And now the core team behind webOS Enyo is leaving HP for Google.

What Is webOS Enyo?

Good question! WebOS Enyo is HP's effort to opensource webOS and create an app platform that works both on mobile devices and inside a desktop web browser.

Why Google?

If that sounds familiar, it's because that's exactly what Google has been working on. So far, Google has unveiled the Play Store which lets you buy books, movies, and music on any device and access it from any other device. They've rolled out Chrome for Android which lets you have the same browsing experience on mobile as on your desktop. And there are rumors of a unified app platform that will let developers create an app or a game once and have it work both as an Android app and a Chrome web app.