April 16, 2012

YouTube, Google Play Becoming Real Competitors To Amazon/iTunes With Over 1,000 Movies Added This Month

Move over Transformers, Google is inviting a few more robots to the party.

On April 4th, Google announced that several hundred movies from Paramount Pictures, including Transformers and The Godfather. And just this Sunday, they've added 600 more movies from MGM to YouTube and Google Play, giving them titles like Robocop and Terminator. If I didn't know any better, I'd think they were amassing a robot army to do their bidding. But Google wouldn't do that... would they?

Even before MGM, Google already had partnerships with five of the six major studios (except Fox) and 10 independent studios.

In the blog post announcing the Paramount deal, Google mentioned that their collection had nearly 9,000 movies. By my calculations, this deal with MGM should bring them closer to 10,000.

Google Play, with its book, music, and movie offerings is beginning to look like a real alternative to the likes of Amazon's music store and video-on-demand service and Apple's iTunes