April 16, 2012

How Will Google Drive Integrate Into The Rest Of The Google Universe?

via TechCrunch
Google Drive is here!

... is what I would say if I was trying to rack up clicks. But the reality is not that far off. TechCrunch received an anonymous tip today with a bona fide OS X version of the Google Drive app. It apparently works great! Except for, you know, being able to do anything. But all the nuts and bolts are in place. Google just needs to flip the switch.

via TechCrunch

But how important is Drive? Why does Google need it?

Because both Microsoft and Apple already realized the importance of a data-syncing service and how it can take a bunch of fragmented products (phones, computers, email, photo storage, office tools, etc.) and unite them into an ecosystem.

Personally, I dream of a world in which simply signing in once, on any device, brings me all my data: my email, my photos, videos, purchased movies and music, search history, apps, games, documents, and settings.

I realize that this means sacrificing some privacy. But it's my choice to do so. I am a big boy and don't need government to tell me how much of my information I can share and with whom. My credit card company, my grocery store, and my wireless carrier  already know things about me like where I took my last vacation and what I eat for breakfast. Based on this information, they give me special offers, coupons, and discounts. I am willing to give Google the same insight into my life if it means I get a bunch of free storage and an easy way to access my whole digital life on any computer, phone, or tablet.