November 27, 2012

Gmail and Google Drive Receive Tighter Integration

If you use Google Drive, you've probably noticed that it can be inconvenient at times when sharing documents with people- you have to go to the document and edit its sharing settings. Google is making this less of a hassle now with a new integration: the ability to share files from Google Drive without having to leave Gmail at all. All you have to do is use the new Gmail compose experience and the button should be there (image below).

Remember that problem that you used to have when trying to send a file that ended up being too large? You most likely won't encounter that anymore- the files you can send with Google Drive can be up to 10GB (if you have enough storage space on Google Drive, of course). And not to be forgotten, if the people you are sharing the document with don't have rights to view the document, you can change those settings, all within Gmail (image below).