November 27, 2012

Google Fighting Overseas

It started in Brazil- the newspapers demanded compensation for snippets of articles on Google News. Google responded by pulling out. Instead of waiting to see how the Brazil's newspapers fared without the help of Google they're talking about doing the same thing in France. Now Germany's Bundestag (parliament) is seriously considering passing a similar law. This time Google is fighting back. They've opened the page Verteidige Dein Netz (Defend Your Web.) It shows through a video how often German users find Google News useful and what they stand to lose. Underneath lies a form to protest the law. Firstly it's interesting that Germany is the country that Google puts its foot down. Secondly- why is no one waiting to see what happens in Brazil? What would it be like if you were no longer allowed to read the summary on the back of a novel you're thinking of buying or a page or two? Amazon knows how useful it is and gives consumers a free peek. It would be surprising if the countries and newspapers don't end up regretting their decisions.