December 21, 2012

A New Google Search Field Trial Has Begun

Google has been having field trials recently for users to try out new features and leave feedback. First it was Gmail results in Google Search, and then Google Drive. Now, it's becoming much more personal and more like Google Now. By signing up for the field trial, you get these previous search experiments as well as these new ones.

You can sign up for the field trial here. If you are already part of it, I don't think you have to sign up again. Still, check to make sure.

Searching for "my purchases" shows tracking information and receipts for online purchases based on receipts in your inbox.

Searching for "my events" shows events from Gmail.

Searching for "my hotel reservation" brings up the hotel information that you have in your inbox, such as location, dates, and check out times.

Searching "my flights" brings up detailed information about upcoming flights that you have.

Searching for "my restaurant reservations" brings up restaurant reservations that you have.