December 18, 2012

The Future Of Google Now

Google Now has been evolving very fast- it started out with basic functions but can now organize your data better than ever. We know Google Now will keep on evolving, but how and in what ways? Here are some possibilities.

For starters, I think it will integrate better with the system settings of the device. Google Now understands the way that you interact with the world and with your Google account, but what about the way you interact with the physical device? For example, every day at around the same time I turn off Wi-Fi as I leave the house for school and turn it back on when I come home. It's usually always at the same time. So why not have Google Now have a simple card that allows us to toggle this without us having to think much more about it at all? This is just one scenario of many possible. I predict that the voice search will also let us control system settings, such as "turn Wi-Fi off, turn off all notifications and reduce the screen brightness."

Google Now is definitely not a short term project- we know it will be improving for many, many years to come. Technology will be changing as time goes on, and the capability of Google Now will increase as well. Take the self driving cars that Google is working on for example. Google Now could figure out when we are in the parking lot and give us directions to the car, or even let us control some of the basic functions such as opening windows before we even get to the car. As Google ventures into the entertainment industry with improvements to Google TV, how long will it be before Google Now knows our favorite shows and notifies us with the ability to record them, all from Google Now?

The future looks interesting.

Thanks to +Daniel Enrique Auqui for the idea! This brings us to another thing worth mentioning. You can now + people into Blogger posts!