December 5, 2012

YouTube Finally Comes To iPad And Gmail For iOS Gets Major Update

This week is a happy one for iOS users who like Google services. Looking at the above picture of the iOS 6 home screen on the iPhone and the iPad, you'll notice that the YouTube app that used to reside there since day one has been removed. Ever since Apple yanked the app, people have been expecting Google to build a replacement. They quickly came through with the iPhone version of YouTube. But the iPad users had to wait until now to experience the full glory of this massive streaming service.

At last, anyone can now enjoy Google's very own YouTube app, optimized beautifully for the iPad. It comes with all the features that have been available for the iPhone and a slick new interface. In addition to iPad support, the new app has been optimized for the iPhone 5's larger screen. It is also now compatible with AirPlay, in case you want to magically project your videos onto an Apple TV or your iMac. The videos should also load faster and play more smoothly. Finally, the app now supports VoiceOver to help low vision users.

The iOS branch of the Gmail team has also not been sitting on its hands. In fact, they have just released a major update of their own, bringing Gmail on iPhones and iPads to version 2.0. The new look and feel of the app brings such improvements as profile pictures in messages, new animations like swivels and transitions, and infinite scrolling in the message list. New features include autocomplete suggestions when performing a search, the ability to RSVP to Calendar invitations from the inbox, and the ability to +1 or comment on a Google+ post directly from the app. But perhaps most importantly, you can now use the app with up to 5 different Gmail accounts, switching between them with just a few taps.