January 19, 2013

Google Images Gets A New Look

If you went on Google Images and just looked at it and nothing else, you may not notice anything. But click on an image and everything is different. It may just be in the testing phase right now since I didn't see anything official about it, but then again it may have been one of their many silent updates. Which ever one it is, it's worth checking out.

Instead of being directed to a new page with a small view of the image, the image now is shown directly in Google Images by moving the other pictures out of the way. You can also use the arrow keys to move between images. You are given the option to visit the page with the image, view the original image, and see image details.

In my opinion this method is much easier to work with and makes the process of going through the images much, much quicker. This is part of Google's effort to bring content to us even quicker than before.

Head on over to Google Images to check it out!