March 11, 2013

Is The Next Version Of Android Going To Have A New UI For Google Apps?

Today Gmail Offline (for Google Chrome) and Gmail on mobile browsers got a UI update- one that very closely matches that on iOS. I think it looks nice and polished, but I can't help think about what this means for Android. We know the Google apps for Android vs iOS devices have very different designs, and we (well at least I did) thought that was because each operating system had it's own qualities and design specifications an app should follow.

But if that was true, why would non-iOS devices begin to get that UI? I think there's a simple explanation for it:

Google is getting ready for a consistent UI, no matter which device you are on.

With Google I/O just over 2 months away, and a new version of Android expected, is it not possible that we will see a brand new design? After all, the design for Google Applications haven't changed for a while on Android- and you know what that means.