April 9, 2013

Google Play Gets A New Look On Android

Google announced a new version of Google Play for Android phones today that are running Android 2.2 Froyo and above. It is rolling out to everyone slowly, but in the meanwhile we can take some time to think about what this means for the future.

First things first. The new UI has a look that incorporates...cards? Yes, the cards we've been saying Google is now using for all their products. In fact, it's becoming hard not to believe that Google will make all of their products involve cards, one way or another. With bigger pictures and a very clean look, I really do hope this is what we will expect from future updates for all their products.

Another thing I realized: the colors. Google Keep, Gmail, Google+, and now Google Play all utilize the light Holo theme. Is this something we can expect more of from Key Lime Pie? I think so.