May 4, 2012

Find All Music Shared With You On Google Play Music In One Place

The +Google Play team has just announced via its Google+ page that your favorite new music service will now come with a handy new link "Shared with me." Clicking that handy new link will take you to a handy auto-playlist of all the music anyone's shared with you on Google+. Isn't that handy?

This list will update automatically as new songs come in. The songs you haven't listened to yet will show up in bold. As always, you get 1 free listen to any song shared with you on G+. Afterward, there'll be a handy link to buy the song, just in case you approve of your friend's taste in music. "Shared with me" section will display your friends' profile pictures and a little bit of their Google+ post in which they shared the song with you.

On the off chance you use both Google+ and Google Play Music and have multiple friends who use both services and actually share music this way, you can check out that link here. Alas, for me it's empty :(

If that list included all music shared with me via YouTube video shares, that playlist would actually become worthwhile.