May 3, 2012

The Roundup: Gmail, Docs, And Play Updates

Last week for Google was a big one. We saw the launch of Drive, the Google+ Share button, 3D tours in Maps, and more. Today's Roundup is decidedly less exciting, but no less important. This time around, we saw a Gmail Labs feature graduating to prime time. We also witnessed an expansion of carrier billing options in the Play Store, and some hefty additions to Google Docs.

Gmail Translation Swim, Old Snakey and Mail Goggles Sink

The Labs feature that allowed you to automatically translate messages received in a foreign language is now mainstream. No longer will you have to dig it out of the dark recesses of the Gmail Labs.

At the same time, two other Labs projects are being laid to rest. Old Snakey was a nifty little game that gave you something to do on your lunch break. Mail Goggles, if enabled, prevented you from sending drunk emails in the middle of the night by asking you a series of math questions. Drunk mathematicians remain indifferent.

Google Play Adds Carrier Billing For Music, Movies, and Books

Good news for impulse buyers. The Google Play team announced via its Google+ page that carrier billing on T-Mobile will be expanded to include all types of content, including apps, books, movies, and music. Japanese carriers DoCoMo, KDDI, and Softbank will support carrier billing for movies and apps. Sprint will also allegedly be expanding what types of content can be carrier-billed.

Google Docs Adds Web Fonts, More Templates, and Then Some

450 Web Fonts are now available to Google Docs users. Google has already been offering these fonts to web developers, but they will now be integrated into Docs. Luckily, rather than being overwhelmed by a huge list of new fonts, you can pick and choose which of the new fonts will appear under the drop down menu in Docs.

In addition to the fonts, Google has also added 60 new templates to Docs. You now also have more options for inserting images into your documents. You can add pictures from Google Drive, from the vast LIFE Photo archive, and even from your webcam.

There are a few more minor additions, so head over to the Google Docs blog from the link above to check them out.