October 14, 2012

10 Steps To Making The New Bing Commercials

The new Bing commercials ask you to go to a site called bingiton.com, type in your search, and compare the results. Half the screen will be Google results and the other half will be Bing. You're supposed to say which ones are more relevant. But is it really a one-to-one comparison?

Here are the 10 steps that went into making these commercials:

1. Take Google.com
2. Remove all personalization
3. Strip off all search options
4. Strip off all search tools & filters
5. Remove Instant Search
6. Remove The Knowledge Graph
7. Remove all social integration
8. Remove all other settings & navigation elements
9. Ask people to compare it to Bing on a site called BingItOn.com
10. Claim that Bing is better