October 13, 2012

The Next Nexus (Or Nexuses?) And Other Nexus News

What's next?
A lot has happened in the past month concerning Android, and most of it if not all concerns the next generation Nexus phones, or possibly even Nexuses. There are a lot of questions to be asked about the announcement, and we are here to give you as much information as we know as possible.

Multiple Nexus Phones?
There have been rumors floating around for quite a while now that there might be multiple Nexus phones (each manufacturer may make one). What does this mean to consumers, Google, and the market?

For consumers, this could be one of the greatest things to happen to Android since the beginning. Android has been known for horrible fragmentation; the majority of users are still running Android 2.3 Gingerbread from 2010. The newest operating system, JellyBean, has barely made a dent in the percentages, let alone the almost 1 year old Ice Cream Sandwich. So what could multiple Nexus phones do? It will solve this problem.

Most people choose Android phones based on certain limitations. Cost, carrier, and manufacturer are the limitations. Nexus phones tend to be high end, and consumers who buy lower end phones are basically guaranteed absolutely NO updates. But if a Nexus phone was available at a lower cost since there were many of them, couldn't this change things? Also, consumers sometimes favor certain manufacturers for their hardware and design. Imagine if you could get your favorite hardware and the powerful software of Vanilla Android. Sound too good to be true? And carriers- with multiple phones all carriers may be supported, thus eliminating the last limitation.

Is this the next Nexus?
Now we've heard about some possible Nexus phones. An upgraded version of the current Galaxy Nexus may be released by Samsung. HTC may release their own Nexus Phone. Sony and LG may also do the same. For LG however, there's a different story. There are pictures that show the existence of such a device from LG, and it looks like a powerhouse. The hardware will put an amazing name on Android, and also LG. If Google was to choose only one manufacturer, LG is a good choice, since it might bring LG back to one of the major phone manufacturers. Either way, it seems like an LG Nexus is inevitable.

What about the highlight of the Nexus line- software?
Software has always been one of the main attractions of Nexus phones. You get the pure, "Vanilla" version of Android as Google intended it to be. This means that there are no waits for software updates, since you get them directly from Google, rather than having to wait for your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to edit it then make it available for you phone- IF they support it.

Jellybean has lots of things to love. But what about the next version of Android, possible Android 4.2? We will most likely see a minor update to Jellybean, and the name will stay as Jellybean. It has been said that there will be improvements to Google Now, a customization center, and Project RoadRunner will improve battery life. All we can do is wait.

Nexus Tablets
Could this become reality?
There isn't as much news here. A few rumors went around that there would be a $99 dollar Nexus tablet, and a 10 inch tablet coming next year.

Who knows, by the end of this year we may even see a Nexus tablet from every manufacturer.

I think a new era of Android will begin. Gone will be slow software updates. The latest and greatest will be available to the masses, coming soon.