August 28, 2012

Looking For Volunteer Writers. Keep The Blog Alive!

Since I recently returned to work and to school, I don't have the time to regularly keep up with The Daily Google. But I don't want to let the blog die, so I am looking for anyone enthusiastic about Google as a company to contribute to the blog.

Even though there is no pay, this can be an opportunity to write for a public blog and get published on the internet, albeit to a small audience. But out main goal is to spread news about Google, big and small, in one place. If we let the blog die, how else would you get minor news that Google+ changed its slider thingy and a forward-looking article on the potential of Google Drive all in one place?

If you are interested, hit me up on The Daily Google's Google+ page. And if you are not interested but know someone who is interested in Google and has a little extra time, please forward this article to them. The only requirement is a Google account (so I can add you as an author on Blogger) and the writing skills of at least a 3rd grader.